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The Sphere of Influence Series

Short Fiction published in...
Intergalactic Medicine Show
Writers of the Future XXV
The Best of Baen's Universe II
Abyss and Apex
Murkey Depths
Ray Gun Revival
New Myths
Kasma SF Magazine
The Singularity

The Martian Dreams Series


News, Announcements, Work in Progress

Writers of the Future vol 40

2024 brings the 40th volume of the Writers of the Future anthology, due for release on July 9. (I was in vol 25. Seems like yesterday) 

This year there are three winners from the UK, so big congratulations to artist Steve Bentley and to sisters Rose and Alice who write under the pen name Rosalyn Robilliard, flying the flag for the UK.


Here's a link to the Robilliard sisters' short video where they talk about their winning story. And a link to an article Steve Bentley wrote for the Writers of the Future blog.   

Another story in Analog

SphereWide Travel - A Fourth Sphere of Influence Book

Work is progressing well on a fourth book in the Sphere of Influence Trilogy. So, I guess it won't be a trilogy for much longer, although in this one—working title, SphereWide Travel—there'll be no Elton, Lhiana, Minra or Walther. It will be a stand-alone novel set in the Sphere, all about Theodore Stern, a travel agent who's never travelled.

I always said there would never be a fourth Sphere book. Just goes to show how much I know. When it came down to it, I couldn't stop myself.

I have another story coming this year in Analog Magazine. This will be my fourth appearance in one of  my favourite SF magazines. The story is called Death of an Intelligence. It's been proof-read and is good to go, so I'll post further details as soon as the publication date its confirmed.

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