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Minra is a devoted single mother, fighting to keep a roof over her head, surviving in a flooded high-rise in Sri Lanka. She lives in a world that no longer has any safety nets. Because Earth is dying.

When she learns, out of the blue, that she has inherited property from an unknown relative, she suspects there must be a catch. And there is. The property is on Mars.

How can Minra get to Mars, when she has a daughter to protect, when her only talent is to read dreams and tell fortunes? And does she even want to go to Mars?

The Oneiromancer of Mars picks up the story of humankind's first foothold on Mars some 60 years after the events in Old Man in a Spacesuit. Although it is the second book in the Martian Dreams series, it can be comfortably read as a stand-alone novel. The characters from the first book are long gone, but their legacy endures.

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