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Travelling in a Box

Sofatravel notes from Mike Wood - probably the most untravelled travel writer in the world.

"I have a box on wheels. I drag it around the countryside. It is a fine place in which to write, and Sarah finds it equally fine for taking her art out into the field. It keeps us warm and it keeps out the rain.

"Sometimes, though, there can be a little too much rain, and a little too much mud. At such times I have been known to rant.

"Sometimes we stumble upon the most wonderful, hidden-away places, right in our own backyard. At such times I feel the urge to share.

"So I keep a blog. It is a sofatravel blog. You are welcome to come along for the ride. Don't forget to bring your wellingtons."


And now - Travelling in a Box, the book, available on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.

Or just pop over to for more info

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