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Mjke was born in the Isle of Man and now lives in the Wirral, UK, with Sarah, his wife, a Botanical Artist.

Mjke’s passion for reading in general and Speculative Fiction in particular, dates back to his Rupert Bear and  Famous Five days, often accomplished late at night with a torch beneath the bed covers.

In his pre-teen years, he often raided his father’s large collection of 50’s SF anthologies. The first SF novel he read was Arthur C Clarke’s A Fall of Moondust, and so a year or two later, when Neil Armstong first placed a foot on the moon, Mjke was already well acquainted with that place of magnificent desolation.

Mjke didn’t start writing until in his late twenties, but then soon afterward he suffered “an unfortunate and debilitating attack of mid-life maturity” and so spent a number of years concentrating on accountancy exams.

In 2007 Mjke returned to writing, and became the first winner of the Jim Baen Memorial Writing competition. He followed that success a year later by winning the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition and spent an unforgettable week of workshops and book signings in Hollywood. This is an international contest for new writers, many of whom are now writing professionally. This list of their newest science fiction shows its impact on the field.


Mjke is a member of the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA), the British Fantasy Society (BFS) and in 2014 became an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

When he is not writing Mjke plays saxophone and clarinet and has appeared in several local bands including a spell as lead alto sax with the Merseyside Big Band. Several of his stories have featured music and musicians.

Mjke and Sarah are also keen caravanners, and Mjke has written about their touring exploits in his humorous sofatravel book, Travelling in a Box, released in July 2015. He's also had stories and features in the magazine Camping and Caravanning. Pop over to to find out more.


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Mjke Wood speaking at Parallel Worlds Sci-fi convention on Wirral
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