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​Stories Currently Online

Songs in a Lesser-Known Key (Pseudopod podcast)

Dead Man’s Shoes

Thousand War Soldier

Call Me Murph

Risqueman (StarshipSofa Audio version)

The Third Attractor

Ship of Fools

The Photograph


The Biggest Pumpkin in the World
The Abolitionist


Bring Me My Broadsword and my Spreadsheets of Fire

The Last Fisherman of Habitat 37
Dagan Books’ Fish Anthology
Ed. Carrie Guinn and K.V. Taylor

Caohime's Water Music
Analog Science Fiction and Fact 
Ed. Trevor Quachri

Nov/Dec 2021

A Better Sense of Direction
Jim Baen Memorial Award: The First Decade

Ed. William Ledbetter

Publ. Baen


The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe II
Ed. Eric Flint
Publ. Baen 





Murky Depths Issue 11
Ed Terry Martin and Anne Stringer
Publ. The House of Murky Depths

Power for Two Minutes - High Resolution.jpg
Short Stories in Print
The Shackles of Memory

The Singularity Magazine, Issue 3

Ed. Lee P.Hogg

Writers of the Future vol XXV
Ed. K D Wentworth
Publ. Galaxy Press

The Photograph
Lamplight Volume 1 
Ed. Jacob Haddon

Ship of Fools
Cosmic Vegetable 
Ed. David Nell

Dreamscape Press

The Last Days of Dogger City
Analog Science Fiction and Fact 
Ed. Trevor Quachri

April 2015 

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